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      My name is Janice Quinlan.  I have been serving with the Siam Mission in Thailand since 1985.  Most of that time, I taught at Northeastern Bible Seminary in Khon Kaen. Recently, I became the Field Director and moved to Bangkok.

The Siam Mission is a partnership of many nations serving alongside of each other to share the liberating truth of the gospel message to the peoples of Thailand.

     The C&MA entered Thailand in 1929. Protestant Missions had been working in Thailand for a hundred years but no missionaries had ever traveled to the northeast region (East Siam at that time).  Thus the Alliance, ever true to it's original call to untouched regions, entered Ubon (Alliance Weekly, May 11, 1929). Through the years the Siam Mission family has invested their lives in church planting, formal and non-formal Biblical training, leprosy work, literature production, youth work, counseling, wholistic ministries etc.

     The Thailand C&MA Church, our primary partner, is slowly growing and has sent Thai missionaries to Taiwan and Korea. It is a privilege to work alongside these faithful servants. There are millions of Thai people who have yet to hear of Jesus and His love for them.  Pray that the good news will reach them soon!

We are Dick & Johanna de Koning. We are seconded by CAMA Zending from the Netherlands to the Siam Mission. We have been serving in Thailand for over 20 years now, first with refugees and for the last 12 years we are helping people in psycho-emotional need. Dick is the Assistant Field Director for the Siam Mission. Johanna works full time as a Counselor and Coach.

       We have helped starting a Marriage Encounter and a Young Professional movement in Bangkok, Udon Thani and Bandung (Indonesia). We are presently working as counselors of New Counseling Service in Bangkok. 

      We also facilitate various workshops, including Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills, Parenting Teenagers, Communication, Marriage Matters, Lay Counseling, etc.

      See also NCS Counseling Site  (place mouse on this link and click)

Follow our private site at dekoning-kronikles.org


My name is Beth C. Limare. I am a Filipino missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance
Churches of the Philippines, since 1982. I'm presently serving full-time as the director of Northeastern Bible Seminary in Khon Kaen, N.E. Thailand. 
     Northeastern Bible Seminary exists to glorify God in equipping those who are called by God to transform communities through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
     We are committed to honor God in establishing His Kingdom on earth through our lives and in our ministry.
     Please pray that the Lord of the harvest will send many laborers to His harvest field that through NBS many will commit to work in the harvest.

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  Hi, my name is Debbie Vik.  I first came to Thailand in 1981 working with CAMA Services to teach ESL to refugees from Laos.  I served in Bangkok for about 25 years planting churches, doing short term missions and helping with the Guest House and the Siam Mission office. 

     Presently I am living in Khon Kaen working with lay leadership development with churches in the northeast part of the country.  It is a great privilege to serve the Lord here in Thailand.

Our names are Ed & Sue Danneker.  What a privilege to partner with Thai Alliance churches in the Bangkok Metropolitan area to see lives transformed in Christ so that communities of faith are established.      

      Our “Church Planting Partnerships” team is currently coming along side Pastor Somkit and his wife Suda at the Mahapawn Living Water Church plant in the Mahachai area of Samut Sakhon province, just southwest of Bangkok, Thailand. 

     We are active in evangelism, discipling new believers, coaching, teaching, preaching, leadership training, and administration.

You can find more information on us here at 'cmastories'

Or write us an E-mail at this address

We are Keith and Sarah Neigenfind, with Lauren and Margaret and we are C&MA workers from Southern California. Currently we are involved in church planting in the North East. Feel free to email us and follow our blog. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Hi, we are Mike and Wendy Wood.

Wendy continues teaching 3rd grade at Grace International School in Chiang Mai.

Mike is studying the Thai language till December of this year.

Ethan is in college now, while Alex is a 8th grader this year.

Feel free to connect with us...


Our website is http://www.wix.com/chiangmaiwood/woodengate

Hi, my name is Lee.  I am a Hmong from the USA.  I have been serving with the C&MA here in Thailand since 1999.  This term I serve as a Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Coordinator for the Northern region of Thailand and currently I am also serve as the Interim Director for CLD.

     Center for Leadership Development is a ministry started by C&MA missionaries to help develop lay leaders in the local churches.

Our Vision:  We want to see the churches in Thailand have a process for training lay leaders who are able to serve God in their own churches.

Our Purpose:  We exist to train godly Thai leaders who will train other leaders to train leaders, thereby establishing a continuous process of multiplying leaders.

Our Core Values:

   •         Maturity - Leadership training is for the spiritually mature

   •         Obedience – A leader is best trained by doing

   •         Apprenticeship – Leadership ability is better caught than taught

   •         Integrity – Leadership training must affect one’s character

   •         Transparency – Mutual openness facilitates character formation

   •         Accountability – Regular evaluation shapes a good leader

   •         Community – Spiritual formation emerges from group interaction

   •         Teachability – A leader is a humble lifetime learner

   •         Responsibility – A leader creatively takes responsibility for him/herself

   •         Wholeness – Christ’s abundant life transforms body, emotions and spirit

Good Day, our names are Taylor and Penn, we are from the U.S.  We are called to plant churches in the North East of Thailand, especially in District 2 of the Thai Christian and Missionary Alliance (TCMA).  We are involved in a church plant in Sakon Nakhon

     We would like you to pray that we can win more believers for Christ and please, also pray for our Thai partner, Pastor Ekachai and our colleagues Rev.Keith & Sarah Neigenfind.

       Sawadee, we are Doua and Nhiakao Kiatoukaysy Lor or our Thai’s name is Douajai & Kao Naa (ดวใจและก้าวหน้า).  We have been in Thailand since 1992. First, we served with the Hmong of Thailand for 10 years and now we are on Home Assignment.


If anyone wants to contact us, here is our email address.

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We are Mark and Kitiya Murphy. We have been serving the Lord in Thailand since 2004/2005. In 2004 Mark came to Thailand as a Missionary Apprentice with the C&MA. In 2005 Kitiya began serving God with TEAM Isaan (a C&MA Missionary team in northeastern Thailand).

Mark grew up in a C&MA pastor's home in America, while Kitiya grew up in a Buddhist home in northern Thailand. Mark became a Christian at a young age. Kitiya became a Christian in 1997 when she was a university student. We met at a local Thai C&MA church in northeastern Thailand, in the city of Udon Thani. After language study, Mark was assigned to work with TEAM Isaan. In 2006 we were married in Kitiya's village.

After a year of marriage we returned to the States to prepare for further service back in Thailand. After completing those steps, we returned to Thailand in 2010. We have a heart to serve the Lord through development ministries, this includes things like: training people in projects that produce additional income for lower income families (commonly referred to as Income Generation Projects), training in financial management practices, computers, English courses, etc. We have a heart to help people in practical ways and through that to show and share God's love with them. We also want to help small churches be built up both spiritually and physically. We count it a privilege to serve the Lord amongst the lost people in Isaan (Northeastern Thailand).

Our names are Randy & Kerri Nielsen. We have been hosts at the Alliance Mission Home since January 2013. The Alliance Mission Home’s purpose is to support and nurture the missionary community serving throughout Asia.

We have met missionaries from all around the world who are working to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. Because Bangkok is such a major transportation hub for Southeast Asia, it is an ideal place for many missionaries to come on vacation, for conferences, or even medical work.

We have a great Thai staff that guard, clean, cook, do laundry, maintain the facility, and handle reservations /office responsibilities.

It is a great privilege to serve the Lord in Thailand. Visit our website or drop us an e-mail to find out more about AMH.

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We are Joe and Hydie Aguilar. We are living in Sida District, Nakhonrachasima. We are doing Church Planting.

Indeed God is great! He has given as the privilege to serve Him in this part of the word. May the Lord be glorified as we do His special task. Yes, we would like you to be a part of our team doing the church planting work through your prayers.

Please contact us through our e mail here.

Hi, we are Brian and Karrie from Hong Kong. We are now back in Thailand and working with our new foundation and connected to a counseling organization. We would like to use our expertise as social workers to serve adolescents and youth in Thailand. We are looking for any opportunity to serve and to walk with youths.

Please feel free to write us an email here (link to email will appear) 

Thank you for your prayers and support.


We’re Brian and Abby Lindsay with our sons, James, Benjamin and Anna. Brian is from New York, while Abby is an Alliance MK whose parents serve in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We’re international workers with the C&MA currently living in Bangkok and studying the Thai language and culture.  After language study our ministry will be in church planting. Our desire is to communicate the message of redemption and see Thai people come to Christ, who can then take the Gospel to their friends, families and neighbors.  To that end, we covet your prayers.  If you’d like to receive our updates and know how to better pray for us, please email us at THIS LINK


We are Scott & Christine Bang and have come to Thailand to plant churches. But first we are learning the Thai language. Our children attend ICS School, which is close to our home.

Pray for the good development of our language skills and for God's care for our family.

          The Bang family