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Siam Mission

The Christian & Missionary Alliance, Thailand

Welcome to the Siam Mission Thailand site!

INFO IN THAI ภาษาไทย

The Siam Mission has been in Thailand for multiple decades and is committed to assist the Thai people in planting churches, raising leaders and carry out the Great Commission until the churches will be saying: we can do it!

Take a look, please, at our site and leave a message, if you want, at Contact Us..

Why we are in Thailand?   

Purpose: Why we exist!

                 To glorify God by expanding and equipping the Church so that it

                 impacts the peoples of Thailand and the world.

Vision: The end in view!

             Our vision is to see a self-sustaining Church that can effectively reach

              the remaining areas of Thailand with the gospel.


            We affirm that churches planting churches is one of the most

            effective methods for completing Christ’s Great Commission.

Ways to make it happen

  • Prayer: Prayer keeps us dependent on Christ and in touch with the Spirit’s prompting; allowing us to join the Father in what He is already doing around us.
  • Missionary Churches: We will partner to plant missionary minded churches with a passion to multiply and reach out beyond their own cultural and linguistic boundaries.
  • Training Leaders: We will train pastors and lay leaders through both formal and non-formal education.
  • Partnerships: We recognize the Thailand Christian and Missionary Alliance Church as our primary partner but also will partner with others in projects that are in keeping with our purpose, vision and core values.
  • Wholistic Ministry: We will respond to specific social, physical and spiritual needs of Thai people to demonstrate our love for God, to enhance and strengthen our witness and church planting efforts, to strengthen local churches with which we serve, and to train and inspire Thai Christians to be wholistic in their witness and ministry.
  • Multiplication: We will multiply ourselves in all levels of ministry. We will develop models and tools that are reproducible and sustainable within the targeted context. We will enable believers to win new believers, disciples to build new disciples, leaders to build new leaders, and churches to plant new churches.
  • Teams: We will work as teams in creative cooperation, matching gifts and strengths with daily tasks.
  • Entry and Exit Strategies: In each ministry and for the entire Siam Mission we will have an appropriate entry and exit strategy that follows a pattern of model, assist, watch, and leave.